I’m a Nikon shooter…..ehm, I was a Nikon shooter 🙂

Just recently in autumn 2023 I sold all my Nikon gear (D800 with 24-70mm f2.8, 70-300mm battery grips, flashes …) because I was using a little Sony mirrorless (Sony A6000) for several years now for my private shots, like on family holidays, smaller trips, and even for all my Iceland photos you can see here on my webpage.

Being used to shooting mirrorless I wanted something with more playroom for ISO noise, larger pixels, a little bit more resolution than 24 Megapixels. So I decided to sell all my Nikon DSLR stuff (it still made good photos, but it was slow and bulky) and bought a Sony A7 IV with a Sony FE 4 / 24-105 G OSS. Latest addition is a Sigma 16-28mm F2.8. And what to say, I love it.

(photo: and Sigma)

What I love about this camera:

  • silent shooting mode
  • excellent image quality
  • fast AF, fast enough fps for my needs
  • marvellous autofocus

What I don’t like about this camera (only minor things for me, otherwise I wouldn`t have bought it:

  • Viewfinder and Display (they look so cheap and are so small)
  • shooting only 6fps in RAW uncompressed (you have to set to RAW compressed to get higher fps)
  • crop in 4K Video (but I don’t use video so much)
  • related to the size the grip only fits to three of my fingers (large hands), the pinky is always free
  • Using the viewfinder does not work when the display is flipped out in an angle (rotated or not straight 180°)

Additionally I’m using an L-bracket from Ulanzi/Falcam with the F38 quick release system, where I have a clip on my backpack (coming to that in a minute) and a quick release plate on my tripod. Unfortunately it is discontinued and I got one of the last samples.


All my stuff is packed in a Rollei Fotoliner Ocean Pro backpack, which I found as best fitting, with some room for more equipment to come and still affordable. There are many other backpacks, especially way more expensive ones, but this one seemed to be the best option for me at the moment.


As a tripod, I`m using a lightweight carbon thingy, the Rollei Easy Traveller XL in grey. Fantastic build quality, lightweight, compact, integrated tripod head, what else.


Due to the fact, that there is big market for adapters for manual lenses for almost all manufacturers, I have a bunch of old vintage lenses and adapters for several different lenses, like Olympus, Tokina, Pentax, Nikon, M42.

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